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The Art Of Origami

A sheet of paper, cleverly folded, metamorphoses into a bird, animal, flower or just about anything you desire, the wonder of origami!

What is origami?

Origami is the 17th century Japanese art of paper folding that became known to the rest of the world around the mid 20th century.

  • 8 Jul 2017

Paper Craft Ideas for Busy Families

Even individuals who have tons of fun making crafts with their family can have a difficult time fitting it into their busy schedules. But simply running not having much doesn't mean that you must give up these fun activities entirely. All you must do to solve this problem is to make sure that the crafts you do are basic, fast, and low cost.

  • 5 Jul 2017
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7 Jul 2017
Posted By Cornelius J.

Designing Your Own Baby Shower Invites

For first-timer pregnant soon-to-be mamas, nothing compares to the excitement of bringing a newborn to this world. Traditionally, friends or family members organize a baby shower for the mom-to-be. A baby shower is a great party for her, because it gives a chance for the guests to give gifts that she can use for her upcoming bundle of joy. Aside from that, a baby shower can gather friends and family members who live far from the mom-to-be.
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